5 Items To Have On Hand In Case of a Dental or Orthodontic Emergency

Our teeth, and braces, can encounter a lot when we’re out living our lives. These activities are not limited to: sporting events, pizza crust, cake and ice cream at birthday parties, and maybe even a hot dog eating contest. Fortunately, our teeth are strong and often allow us to go through these activities without too many major problems. 

However, sometimes accidents happen. But you can prepare yourself to deal with these accidents if you have some tools on hand. Keep reading to learn more about what items you should have on hand in case of a dental or orthodontic emergency from Dr. Kevin Theroux and Dr. Brooks Barefoot at Total Orthodontics.

There are a few ways to safeguard against dental emergencies. This includes: wearing a mouth guard during sports, taking good care of your teeth and gums, and staying away from food that is hard, crunchy, and/or sticky (especially when in braces).

Just in case a dental emergency strikes, here are some items you should always have on hand:

  1. Painkiller – There are a variety of options, but an all natural topical pain killer is clove oil!
  2. Orthodontic Wax – You can cover an irritated area with wax until a dental professional can see you.
  3. Floss – This is always handy if something gets wedged between teeth, or even wires.
  4. Gauze – If a tooth is knocked out or becomes loose, you can put the tooth back in place and then bite on the gauze to keep it there until you see a dental professional.
  5. Doctor’s Contact Information – Make sure you have a dental professional’s contact information handy in case of an emergency so you can contact them right away!

With these few items on hand, you are better equipped to handle some dental emergencies that may come your way. As always, if you have any dental related questions, please contact our office – we are here to help!

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