TOgether Project, LLC

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TOgether Project, LLC is the philanthropic arm of Total Orthodontics. TOgether Project administers our two primary community outreach programs — TO Smiles and TO Gives.  A unique and defining aspect of TOgether Project is that it was created by and is administered by a Board of Directors, comprised entirely of high school students.  TO Smiles provides free orthodontic treatment and free pediatric dental care to children that would otherwise be unable to afford it.  We give the gift of confidence that comes with a beautiful smile and we foster recipients in developing their own path of personal growth by requiring TO Smiles recipients to design and complete a 40-hour community service project, creating a ripple effect of goodwill.  TO Gives provides community-based group volunteer opportunities for patients of Total Orthodontics on a quarterly basis.  Through our group efforts, we support, empower, and beautify the communities we live in.

Our TOP Mission                                                             

TOgether Project (TOP) values the energy and ideas of young people.  We believe that if you cultivate kindness, it will grow. Our TOP youth leaders create opportunities for personal growth through community service projects with TO Gives, and connect children in need to free orthodontic treatment through TO Smiles

Meet the TOP Board of Directors




Assistant to the Executive Director,  Co-President, Co-Founder, Anna B. 

Bio: Anna is currently a senior at Rock Canyon High School. She enjoys Foreign Language Studies, Speech and Debate, Film, Animation, Musical Theater and Field Hockey.






President,  Co-Founder, Alex T. 

Bio: Alex is currently a junior at Regis Jesuit High School.  He enjoys playing tennis and volunteering. 





Vice-President,  Co-Founder, Nick T.

Bio: Nick is currently a sophomore at Regis Jesuit High School. He enjoys basketball, snowboarding, and volunteering with the Special Olympics.






Board of Directors member,  Claire N. 

Bio: Claire is currently a junior at Regis Jesuit High School. She enjoys running, painting, and volleyball. 





Board of Directors member,  Alexandra K.

Bio: Alexandra is currently a junior at Cherry Creek High School. She enjoys soccer, skiing, and volunteering with Unified Lacrosse.





Board of Directors member,  Bryce K.

Bryce is currently a freshman at Mountain Vista High school and he enjoys playing Tennis and Lacrosse




Board of Directors member, Piper J.

Piper is currently a freshman at Mountain Vista High School. She enjoys basketball, volleyball and animation. Piper is a past recipient of free braces through our TO Smiles Program.




Board of Directors member, Hyungyu K.

Hyungyu is currently a Junior and attends Eagle Ridge Academy. He loves to play soccer and hang out with his friends! Hyungyu is a past recipient of free braces through our TO Smiles Program.




Co-Founder, Past Co-President,  Nicole H.

Bio: Nicole is currently a freshman at Vanderbilt University.  She enjoys Speech and Debate, Science Research, and playing the violin.



TO Smiles Mission

TO Smiles believes that the gift of a smile can inspire hope, instill confidence, and cultivate goodwill.  Every year through TO Smiles, Dr. Theroux, Dr. Barefoot, and the staff at Total Orthodontics give ten children in need completely free orthodontic care. The children also receive free general dental care from TO Smiles Board of Advisor Dentists.

In return, during their free treatment, the smile recipients are required to complete a ‘Pay it Forward’ project of their own design that directly benefits other children. This cherished part of the TO Smiles program creates an exciting ripple effect of goodwill for young people in our community and fosters future service to others.

Do you know someone who should apply? Is someone in your circle of friends involved with an organization serving this same population of families who should know about TO Smiles?  Help us spread the word!

Visit the TO Smiles page to connect with us, access the application process, and meet some of our recipients.

TO Gives Mission

The goal of TO Gives is to inspire young patients of Total Orthodontics to do good and serve others. We believe empathy, compassion, and gratitude are muscles we build through meaningful community service, and that the lifelong habit of giving back begins when we are young. The youth leaders of TO Gives commit to making connections and organizing opportunities for you to show up and contribute your time and talents.  Join us! 

Visit the TO Gives page to contact us, get involved, and learn more about our events.