Funniest Family Holiday Story

 Holiday Story Contest at Theroux Orthodontics in Lone Tree and Greenwood VillageThank you to everyone who submitted a holiday story for our contest. We had great participation! Our staff has gone through every entry and chosen the top five. Now the rest is up to you. Check out the holiday stories below and vote for the one that gets you laughing the hardest!

Everyone gets one vote in the polling area on the lower left. Tell your friends and relatives to vote for your favorite entry, too! We will announce the winner on March 8th (we added an extra week so more people could vote) and the finalist who receives the most votes will win a $50 gift card to Maggiano’s. To help keep it fair, we have set up some security to prevent voting multiple times from the same computer. Good luck to our finalists! Here are their stories:


  • My dad said he didn’t need sunscreen on because he would be under the umbrella. When we got back he was 1/2 white and 1/2 red! – Maya Robbin


  • Grandpa dropped the chocolate pie on the floor upside down and Matthew, my little brother, grabbed a spoon and ate it off the floor. – Allison Fultz


  • On Thanksgiving we compared the newest born baby to the turkey on the table. Big baby or small turkey, who knows? – Miriam Weinraub


  • One Hanukkah my baby brother thought that the menorah candles were his birthday candles, so he blew them out! – Shira Gold

Mouse Trap

  • On Christmas day we celebrated at my brothers house. I took some dry black rice, which looks a lot like mouse droppings, and dispersed them all around my sister-in-law’s pantry. Everyone thought there was a mouse infestation! I quickly told everyone it was actually black rice… – Jackie Coors

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