TO Smiles

Under the youth leadership of The TOgether Project

TO Smiles Mission  

TO Smiles believes that the gift of a smile can inspire hope, instill confidence, and cultivate goodwill.  Every year through TO Smiles, Dr. Theroux, Dr Barefoot and the staff at Total Orthodontics give ten children in need completely free orthodontic care. The children also receive free general dental care from TO Smiles Board of Advisor Dentists.  In return, while they receive free treatment, the smile recipients are required to complete a ‘Pay it Forward’ project of their own design that directly benefits other children. This cherished part of the TO Smiles program creates an exciting ripple effect of goodwill for young people in our community and fosters future service to others. 

How to Apply 

TO Smiles serves children aged 11-18 who meet a financial need standard. The program accepts applications year round.  TO Smiles is under the direction of the TOgether Project (TOP for short). TOP’s Board of Directors are local high schoolers devoted to spreading goodwill and serving their community. TOP’s Board of Advisors are community leaders and professionals.  TOP’s Board of Directors and Board of Advisors review TO Smiles applications and vote to select TO Smiles Finalists for free braces twice a year. TOP’s orthodontic providers at Total Orthodontics meet with each TO Smiles Finalist to evaluate orthodontic need, and give final approval to TO Smiles Recipients. Recipients are required to complete a Pay it Forward Project while in treatment. Follow the links below to get started. 

Click here for the TO Smiles Application

Click here for the TO Smiles Financial Need Standard

Click here for the TO Smiles Pay it Forward Project Instructions for Recipients


Print and submit your completed application and other required materials to:

Total Orthodontics 

10450 Park Meadows Drive Suite 300

Lone Tree, CO 80124

or submit via email to 

Please email any questions to


Meet the TO Smiles Doctors 

Our recipients are in good hands with Board Certified Orthodontists Dr. Brooks Barefoot and Dr. Kevin Theroux, the excellent staff at Total Orthodontics, and our generous pediatric dentists. 

Total Orthodontics’ commitment to helping children in need has deep roots.  For many years, the practice has been recognized for lifting up one child at a time, time and time again. 


Check out the 7Everyday Hero Award from 7NEWS – honoring Coloradans who initiate solutions, motivate others, serve working families, and perform pro bono work.

Channel 9 News and Channel 4 News have also praised the goodwill and kindness of the doctors and staff at Total Orthodontics. 



Meet the TO Smiles Board of Advisors

Nick Miner, DMD,   Click here for website
Jonathan Sierk, DDS    Click here for website
Marc Jones, DDS  Click here for website
Jennifer L. Thompson, DDS  Click here for website
Nancy T. Simons, DDS  Click here for website
Beth Nielsen, DDS Click here for website
Ashley Barefoot, DDS Click here for website

John C. Bosley, M.D., FAAP — Pediatrician with Pediatrics 5280
Nicholas C. Kyriazi, M.D. – Pediatrician, Littleton Pediatric Medical Center
Mary Moorman, CPA, PLLC — CPA serving both public and private companies, Website
Adam Huff — Pediatrician with Pediatric Pathways
Kirk G. Bouzarelos, M.D., FAAP — Pediatrician with Pediatrics 5280
Michael Milobsky, D.D.S. — Pediatrics at the Meadows, P.C.
Robert Gin, M.D. – Pediatrician, Littleton Pediatric Medical Center
Carina Penar-Kugelmas, MD – Pediatrician


Past recipient Pay it Forward Projects 

TO Smiles youth leaders, advisors, participating doctors and recipients all believe deeply that when we use our gifts to help others we make ourselves and the world around us better.  The required Pay it Forward project proves this time and time again. One recipient, Ahmari, said it best when he explained how happy the Pay it Forward work made him feel. Ahmari described doing his project work as ‘I GET to…’ instead of ‘I HAVE to…’  And, his project work was assisting with therapy sessions (and clean up afterwards!) at an Equine Therapy Barn for kids with special needs. Our recipients have created after school chess clubs, facilitated clothing and school supply drives, coached girls soccer, organized reading programs for ESL students, and led demonstrations and presentations at schools on good oral hygiene, self esteem, and nutrition.  We get excited every year by the unique and impactful Pay it Forward projects.  

Here are a few of our Pay it Forward favorite memories from this year.