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“The TO Smiles program has been a game changer for some of our students and families.  Brilliant smiles and oral health can often feel out of reach.  Knowing that TO gives back to our Denver community in so many ways, including supporting those without access to orthodontics to gain a smile for life is an incredible gift.  I would highly recommend this program for any student in need – it will change their life for the better!”
Carol Bowar, Executive Director, Girls Athletic Leadership Schools of Denver

Under the youth leadership of  TOgether Project, LLC

TO Smiles Information and History  

Total Orthodontics has been providing free orthodontic care to underserved children since 2019.  Our organization was founded by and is run by a teen Board of Directors.  We aim to develop leadership and philanthropic skills of the teenagers that sit on our Board of Directors.



TO Smiles is now an official Health Partner of Denver Public Schools.


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TO Smiles serves children aged 11-18 who meet a financial need standard. The program accepts applications year round.  TO Smiles is under the direction of the TOgether Project, LLC (TOP for short). TOP’s Board of Directors are local high schoolers devoted to spreading goodwill and serving their community. TOP’s Board of Advisors are community leaders and professionals.  TOP’s Board of Directors and Board of Advisors review TO Smiles applications and vote to select TO Smiles Finalists for free braces twice a year. TOP’s orthodontic providers at Total Orthodontics meet with each TO Smiles Finalist to evaluate orthodontic need, and give final approval to TO Smiles Recipients. Recipients are required to complete a Pay it Forward Project while in treatment. 

Highlights : 

  • Provide 10-12 sets of free braces annually, with a value of approximately $90,000
  • Provides free pediatric and other specialty dental care for recipients
  • Through our Pay it Forward Program, our recipients donate 40 hours of their time to community service, benefitting hundreds of youth in our communities
  • We have been featured for our efforts on local ABC, NBC and CBS news affiliates
  • Dr. Theroux was named a Channel 7 Everyday Hero for his philanthropic efforts

Meet the TO Smiles Doctors 

Our recipients are in good hands with Board Certified Orthodontists Dr. Kevin Theroux and Dr. Brooks Barefoot, the excellent staff at Total Orthodontics, and our generous pediatric dentists. 

Total Orthodontics’ commitment to helping children in need has deep roots.  For many years, the practice has been recognized for lifting up one child at a time, time and time again. 


Meet the TO Smiles Board of Advisors (Our Adult Advisors)

Ashley Barefoot, DDS Click here for website

Marc Jones, DDS Click here for website

Michelle Humbach Click here for Website

Nicholas C. Kyriazi, M.D. –  Click here for website

Nick Miner, DMD,  Click here for website

Beth Nielsen, DDS Click here for website

Jack Nielsen

Carina Penar-Kugelmas, MD

Jonathan Sierk, DDS Click here for website

West Metro Pediatric Dentistry Click here for website

Jennifer L. Thompson, DDS Click here for website

Dawn Kallio, MD Click here for website

Dr. Patrick Bowman Click here for website

Past recipient Pay it Forward Projects 

TO Smiles youth leaders, advisors, participating doctors and recipients all believe deeply that when we use our gifts to help others we make ourselves and the world around us better.  The TO Smiles required Pay it Forward project proves this time and time again. Before they begin treatment, each recipient is asked to consider what they enjoy and what they have to offer.  They create a volunteer project proposal explaining how they will use their skills in a way that benefits other children.  The empowering message for them is clear; everyone can do something to help others!  Their project must be 40 hours of total service time, but often recipients report that they continue their work beyond those required hours.  In one recipients final project report, Ahmari told the Board –  ‘I GOT to…’ instead of ‘I HAD to…’  when describing his hours assisting with therapy sessions at an equine therapy barn for kids with special needs.

Our recipients have created after school chess clubs, facilitated clothing and school supply drives, coached girls soccer, organized reading programs for ESL students, and led demonstrations and presentations at schools on good oral hygiene, self esteem, and nutrition.  We get excited every year by the unique and impactful Pay it Forward projects our recipients gift to our community.  

Here are a couple of our recent Pay it Forward favorite memories.

Piper organized a charity drive for adolescents in area hospitals at Christmas.  She helped gather and gift more than 500 items including: arts and crafts, movies, stuffed animals, blankets, games, bath and beauty products, gift cards, clothes, adult coloring books, games and make up bags. Piper said the project had a lasting impact on her, “It pushed me outside my comfort zone to send emails, set up this whole project, step into a leadership role, and to remember the true meaning of Christmas which is giving.”

Sam’s project helped educate and celebrate the diverse cultures and ethnicities at his school.  Parents and children spent time together and shared experiences from when the adults were the kids. Sam told us in his Project Report, “The project was great because everyone learned about how people migrated here and what they had to struggle through to come to America. We then published their stories in a program called Write our World. It is recorded in both English and their native language, like Somali. The way I benefited from this project was that I realized no matter what your struggle, you have to remain positive and welcome others, because everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.”